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Dave Bolton

On the 3rd March 198, Marie & Peter Bolton were blessed with the birth of their first child Dave Bolton,where he was born at RAF Hospital Wegburg, Germany. 

Dave went on to marry his High School sweetheart Samantha where they have 2 beautiful children Joshua & Halle. This family has a very unique story to tell, one of  overcoming extreme adversity, sheer tenacity, strength and overwhelming positivity. His story can only be described as a miracle..

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1999 - 2001

Dave Joined the Royal Air Force at 18 years of age. During his time within the R.A.F Dave was awarded  during training:

  • The recruit who demonstrated the greatest effort, dedication and determination during basic training.

  • Best overall performance in physical fitness and education.

He served for 3 years as a Military police officer.

Dave successfully completed a 4 month tour of The Gulf as part of Air Ops Iraq. Dave was based at Ali Al Salem Airbase, where he was attached to the US Marines and security forces. He was awarded the GSM II medal with Air Ops Iraq clasp on his return from the operation.


2001 - 2004

Dave left the R.A.F to start his new career with Merseyside Police Constabulary. He served his first 16 months on foot patrol in one of Britains most deprived areas, with soaring crime figures. Dave was awarded 2 commendations for identifying, disrupting and dismantling a prominent organised crime gang within the region.

Dave became one of the very first officers still in their 2 year probation period, to be given a driving  course and transferred to a Level 1 Response unit.


September 2004

Whilst off duty Dave was involved in a near fatal motorbike accident, in which he was crushed by an articulated heavy goods vehicle in Wales. He was in a coma for 8 days and underwent a 12 hour life saving operation.

Dave underwent 3 months of intense physio therapy where he was left with only 20 degrees flexion in his left knee. He was advised by specialists that he would never be able to walk without an aid or assistance again and that there was no real chance of gaining anymore flexion in his knee.

His left leg had originally been scheduled for amputation. 

Dave spent 14 months painfully rehabilitating himself in which he successfully achieved 95 degrees flexion within the knee.

Having returned to full frontline policing duties within 18 months of the original motorbike accident, Dave had carved out a strong reputation with his colleagues and peers for his hardwork, determination and dedication. 

Dave was subsequently rewarded by receiving an award at the prestigious Gala Awards. 



Defying all the odds Dave not only went back to participating in sport but went on to compete back representing the force at rugby union.

In 2009 Dave went and did the unimaginable by becoming Lightweight Kickboxing Champion of the World, whilst representing Great Britain at the World championship in Pisa,Italy.


2006 - 2011

Dave was head hunted to join a plain clothed Tactical unit. He was involved in several high profile National Crime Agency Operations formally S.O.C.A. He became the lead officer in his unit for drug identification in Cannabis, Cozart (cocaine) and Marquis (heroin/Amphetamine) & Bronze commander on 3 force wide Drug Operation’s code named Op Manaton. He received awards including:

  • Team of the year at the total policing awards.

  • The Queens Diamond Jubilee Long service Medal.


2012 - 2014

Dave passed the sergeants exam and became an acting Sergeant within the Tactical unit. He was successfully promoted to the rank of Sergeant within 18 months. Dave spearheaded a new unit covert unit as a detective sergeant within the force focusing on serious and organised crime. This involved covert surveillance, identifying and setting up observation points, vehicle and foot follows, reviewing intelligence, firearms offences, disruption tactics and cross boarder operations. 

Dave received an Area commanders commendation for leadership, professionalism and commitment in pursuing criminals through such covert tactics.


May 2014

Dave suffered a 15minute nocturnal seizure at home, he stopped breathing, dislocated his right shoulder and bite through his tongue. It was confirmed that Dave had a tennis ball seized tumour located in his frontal lobe of his brain. He underwent a life saving craniotomy and de-bulking brain operation at The Walton Centre for Neurology, Liverpool. Histology showed that the tumor was an Astrocytoma II with a life prognosis of 5 years. He was deemed unfit to resume full duties within the police and took medical retirement from Merseyside Police. Dave carried out his Strength and Conditioning qualifications at Leeds Beckett University, specialising in Rugby & Combat sports. He set up to support fellow patients & documented his full treatment & diet regime.


July 2015

Dave attended The Walton Centre for Neurology to be given the results of a routine MRI brain scan. During this meeting it was seen that Dave had a re-occurence and regrowth of the tumour which was the size of a walnut. This was located in the central hemisphere of the brain. Dave spent 14 days in hospital after his second brain surgery within 14months. Histology showed that the tumour was a Glioblastoma Multiform IV the biggest killer of the under 40’s in the world. His life prognosis was 3 months without treatment and 6 to 8 months with treatment.

Dave became classed as Terminal. He embarked on 6 weeks of duel Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy at the Clatterbridge Hospital for Oncology, Wirral. In his last week Dave suffered a full psychotic break down & was admitted to hospital. Dave then started 6 cycles over 6 months of double strength Chemotherapy.


March 2016 - August 2016

Dave suffered 5 overnight nocturnal seizures in his hotel room having been to watch England v Wales in the 6 nations rugby championship. This resulted in Dave bitting clean through his tongue and dislocating both his shoulders.

Dave completed his final round of chemotherapy in April 2016. At his first post treatment MRI results meeting it was reported that only a few cells were left.

During Dave's year long treatment he unfortunately lost both his Nan’s and his wife lost a pregnancy.


Dave and his family were dealt another cruel blow when his mother Marie was then diagnosed with Stage IV Ovarian cancer. 

She sadly lost her battle to the disease on 28th August 2018 at the age of 59 years old.


April 2017 - January 2019

Dave Co-founded and became director of a Limited company The Bar-Bearians Calisthenics training centre. He and his Co-Director Chris became the Northwests only fully qualified Calisthenics coaches and held the U.Ks first ever Calisthenics grading.

Dave has completed his Rugby coaching badges, as well as sporting coaching qualifications related to cancer and mental health patients.

Dave is now one of only a handful to have been moved onto 6 monthly scans as he continues to surpass his terminal diagnosis in July 2015, proving to the medical world he is to be a new type of statistic.

To this day Dave still continues to receive clear MRI scans.

In January 2018 Dave was diagnosed with skin cancer, a small tumour was removed from his chest. It was later classified as being benign.

In May 2018 Dave started filming for the ground breaking new Sky One series The Heist, which aired in November 2018. 


Dave now helps people, charities, businesses and teams ranging from SME's to Multinationals to deliver his motivational story whilst incorporating topics such as:

• Mental resilience

• Over coming life threatening and changing adversity

• Team Work and cohesion

• Mental and physical health

• Adapting to Change

• Improving productivity

• Management

• Positive mindset

• Decision Making

Thus inspiring & increasing team morale and productivity within their departments. His approach is adaptable to each organisation and he continues to inspire everyone he meets.​

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